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How to Learn Game Hacking

The Don Juan of Game Hacking
Updated on ・2 min read

For most people, game hacking will be the most difficult thing they ever try to learn. Why? Not because it's impossible hard, but because it appeals to young people, who do not understand the value of sacrifice, investment, patience or work ethic.

But don't get me wrong, it is difficult. Reverse engineering is the core of what you will be doing as a game hacker. Yes you will be coding, but you can easily copy libraries and code from other people, and many people will already have a background in programming.

But reverse engineering? I wouldn't say it's very difficult, but it's an acquired taste. People who love RE will spend 10 hours a day in a debugger or a disassembler going down different rabbit holes without achieving anything, you can do this for days before you find something important.

Most people just can't take it. But for those that do, game hacking is easily the most fun thing you can do with your reverse engineering hobby.

So how you learn it!?

Well, first you learn how to Cheat Engine, then you learn how to code, then you learn how to reverse then you learn how to combine all these skills to make cheats. Sounds too easy? Well, you'll find out it isn't, but the absolute easiest way to learn is with the tutorials provided at Guided Hacking. This series of tutorials will build upon each other one step at a time, providing everything you need from beginning to end. You truly can become an expert with this guide.

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