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Discussion on: Privacy, Joke of the Century.

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You should post a picture of you and your family with the addition of your address and phone number, maybe in which banks you have accounts and their numbers, also your personal tastes and some medical history, to prove your point. :)

I've heard this toxic discourse many times and the danger is that some people buys it, privacy is not about avoid that anyone could possibly ever get your information, you can't avoid getting sick of everything and life forever, you still eat healthy and take care of yourself do you?, the joke is that even tho your post has some valid points, a lot of them actually, goes against your message, you even have a very h4x0r username, which makes no sense, why would be encryption of any use, we are all doomed anyway do we?, the joke is that you are talking about "privacy conscious" users that use Facebook and Twitter and expose IoT devices to the internet.

Privacy is not binary and if your toxic message is taken by someone, you worsened things for them, I wouldn't have webcams with any contact to the internet, that means I'm not naked in some video feed in Shodan, some organizations may have some data about me, but not naked videos of me in my house, those are not the same scenarios; I don't have FB, that doesn't mean I'm completely anonymous on the web but is much better that if I where on FB.

There are actions to take to lesser the problem, making a joke about them is just helping the machine, it's why MS gets away with its awful surveillance OS (I guess that's why it's called Windows), is just giving up, please don't be proud or cocky about it, some people may take you seriously.

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3NCRY9T3R Author

Fair point. I agree with you on some points. I am not against privacy, I just stated some facts.
Can you please tell me exactly where I went wrong and at which point?
I would like to know your points too.