Discussion on: What is your top tool that most devs would be surprised you use regularly?

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  • pdfsplit and pdfunite to quickly, well, is self explanatory
  • html slide presentation, got rid of PPT and alike
  • restructuredText or MArkdown instead of wordprocessors
  • Git as "backup" to all my system and user settings, to migrate to a new Linux install is just cloning a few personal repos and making some soft links
  • a RaspberryPi as "git server"
  • a BeagleBone Black with Pi-hole to filter a lot of "unwanted content", nothing FB in my LAN
  • an old Android phone, like, old Android 4 old and that after I rooted it with Cyanogen, it came with Android 2, circa 2012
  • Gentoo in an old laptop with a broken screen and with an external keyboard as a main machine