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re: I know this is a website for the young, but you will find that gratuitous cursing doesn't impress anyone over the age of about 20. It's not about ...

Is the name of the programming language, is not gratuitous, is part of a noun refering to a specific thing, and I would say it doesn't impress anyone over 8.

Is not just being impress by it what is childish is giving so much importance to something so irrelevant.

Discard someone for a job because of it to me is childish: in one hand you have a person motivated and interested enough to learn something that will probably will never give any profit, just for the love of it, but discard her/him for saying the name of a PL with a bubu word, that is ridiculous and childish, if I can avoid an employer like that, I will.

In this case is not about expressing in a offensive or even in a vulgar manner, is just a name, so you'll call it "Brainstuff"?, "Brainthingy"?, what if the interviewer doesn't know about it and is interested?, they won't be able to look for it, you just took the funcionality of a name, because of the form, that fundamental view would be a red flag to me.

My point is, of curse if you can't give an interview without cursing like a sailor, will get you nowhere, this is not the case.

If an interviewer curses, shows lack of interest, lack of self control or education; either way, is a bad thing; someone who mention that s(he) learned Brainfuck, doesn't show any of the before-mentioned attributes. Not being able to see the difference is, to me, a problem in someone older than 8-10 years old.

PS: And being young has nothing to do with this (many wouldn't consider me young), and being condescend or dismissive because of age is not professional either; in my time reading posts and comments here I never got the impression that their users are "too young" to understand that cursing is not funny, and you shouldn't do it in an interview. Specially because to me "too young" would be about 8-10 not 20.

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