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Thank you for the response you gave @sfiquet . I really appreciate it.

Well, I have to explain my purpose while answering your questions.

I know.. That's so important to understand about; Isn't the offline way enough? Then my answer is; Basically, it's a good enough.

But in this case (in my business plan), I need some improvements to grow it bigger. Which is able to cover more customers and add more partners for the wider areas.

I think by using an automatic system and going online, it can continuously reproduces more business childs and also automatically grows up as the bigger.

One more thing, according to devices maintenance or item delivery. I think it is not really the core of the project. And for doing that, I think I have a lot of good ways to make it well.

Nah, I hope this explanation has represented all the answer about your questions.


Please tell me if you have any information or clue about:

*What should I do to get full control of hardware/device. So thus, I can customize and manage my devices (printer) with my own rules.

I don't know what's the name, phrase or keyword about this course. But I simply imagine it might be an Open Software, REST API or whatever; that means it is reusable and open source. So we can customize it as we need.

That's all..
Also, if you interested, we can talk as professional privately in chat. Thank you :)

Best regards ~gho

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