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Discussion on: What do you talk about during your one-on-one meetings with your engineering (or other) manager?

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Rebecca G

It's really up to you and your manager, but I think it's nice to have a running list of topics that I update during the week, and then I make sure to bring them all up at my weekly 1-1s. With my current manager, it's mostly "how is work going?" and "is there anything I want to be more involved in?". My job (SDET) is pretty self-directed so my goals are to share what I'm thinking about, what's challenging me this week, and any feedback I have for him specifically or for our whole team.

With other managers, it can be anything from a conversation over slack to a "lets go for a walk around san francisco and talk about our lives", but it's generally still focused on those two questions - how are things going and what do I want to do next.