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Posted on Cloud Software for Remote Access via Browser is a cloud-based software providing a remote access via a browser. Connecting via a link without installing additional programs and entering passwords increases connection speed. The software has integrations with Telegram, Google Chrome, Jira Service Desk and via API.

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The service is suitable for administration, technical support, as well as for remote connection to an office computer from home. Windows, macOS, Linux and Android versions are available.

How it works?

Download a special program that broadcasts video from a remote computer and allows executing incoming commands. Follow the link to get access to a remote computer desktop.

Connection types developers came up with a unique solution enabling the arrangement of a remote connection in a matter of seconds.

Fast connection

For quick access to your computer, simply send the newly generated link to a necessary user so that they can access your desktop. The link from the agent program can be copied, sent via instant messengers or scanned via a QR code.

Connection by invites

If you need to provide quick support to a client, send them a connection link. After confirmation, you will get access to their desktop.

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If your client is on the phone, tell them the numeric code to be entered on the connection page to start a remote session. You can install the connection by code widget on your website for more convenience.

Permanent access

To have constant access to computers, register on the website and download the agent.

To ensure permanent access, bind the agent program to your account and add the required computer to your personal account. This will allow you to connect to it at any time. The only condition is that the remote PC should be online.


Connection to a remote desktop is completely secure β€” the service uses the HTTPS protocol and applies algorithms for detecting and blocking attempts to enumerate one-time links and passwords. Two-factor authentication is available on all service plans.

All transmitted data is encrypted by default with the 128-bit AES algorithm inside the WebRTC and SSL protocols. Connecting via a browser protects the operator's computer from reverse access. Each version of the agent program is automatically scanned for viruses.

Functionality and features

Using, you can not only access a remote desktop, but also enjoy many benefits implemented in this service.


Customize the branding of all service tools – from a branded link to an agent program logo. Your customers will see an invitation from a familiar company. This will increase their trust in the software they use.

Using a CNAME record on your DNS server, you can use your own domain for creating connection and invitation links. SSL certificate is allocated and renewed automatically.


If your company has several administrators and many employees in need of a remote access, create a team and distribute the workload. The team management center offers a shared account and shared access to all computers, as well as the ability to delegate roles.

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Integrations increase the connection speed. Currently, the software has integrations with Telegram, Google Chrome, LiveChat and Jira Service Desk popular platforms. Integration via HTTP API is also available.

Cloud storage

During the connection, you can record remote sessions and view them afterwards. Session records, connection history and desktop contact book are stored in the cloud you have free access to.

Auto translations

Automatic text recognition allows you to provide remote technical support to users from other countries. If you have connected to a foreign client with a localization different from your language, the auto translation button will be available to you on the control panel.

Here you can find repository on GitHub

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