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10 Best Сhrome Extensions For Everyday Work

Browser extensions help save time by automating the user’s daily tasks. Most useful programs and applications have extensions in Chrome, Firefox and other browsers. They increase the speed of data processing and allow the user to perform fewer actions.

Extensions or plugins allow you to improve your browsing experience on your favorite sites and pages in the browser by providing more features, such as blocking ads, changing the font or page color, saving passwords, and more.

Developers are constantly adding new features that allow you to extend the functionality of the browser — that’s why they are called extensions.

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Ad Block — is one of the best ads blockers, used by over 60 million users worldwide. The extension is completely safe to use. Ad Block protects your browser from malware and prevents advertisers from accessing your browsing history and personal information.

Avast — is a free browser extension that allows you to track who has access to your personal data, warns about viruses, malicious sites and phishing attacks.

Bitly — is a link management platform, an indispensable tool for marketers and analysts. The extension does not collect any additional data about your activity or browsing history. — is a cloud-based solution for remote access from your browser. The extension in Google Chrome helps to further optimize the connection process and make it as fast and convenient as possible. Constant access and fast customer support are available. For quick support you can use desktop dashboard for Windows — it allows to use hotkeys only on the remote computer.

Click&Clean — is an extension that allows you to quickly delete all traces of Internet surfing from your browser (cache, cookies, browsing history, downloads, and other personal data). Allows you to clear browsing history both manually and automatically when you close the browser.

Grammarly — is an online grammar checker. It performs many functions, from simple grammar and comma checks to advanced plagiarism checks. Especially useful for those who often write in a foreign language — Grammarly checks syntax online and allows you to quickly correct errors.

OneTab — is a great solution for those who are used to opening many tabs in the browser, which often ends up causing the computer to freeze. OneTab organizes active tabs in a list and frees up RAM.

Temp Mail — is an application with which you can get a one-time temporary email for anonymous use. Allows you to register on third-party sites without using your personal email, which will help you avoid spam and advertising mailings.

Todoist — is a project management tool that allows you to create highly organized and visually appealing to-do lists on all your devices.

The Web Developer Checklist — is an extension that reminds you of things and techniques you might miss when building a site. It will warn you about SEO, media queries, favicons, and unfriendly URLs.)

This is just a small list of popular and convenient plugins that make working on the Internet very easy. Virtually any service today develops its own extension for Сhrome — more and more users are trying to optimize their work and completely switch to browser-based solutions.

I’m sure you knew about many of these services and even used them, but in these times of remote work and constantly online, it’s not superfluous to remind once again about useful services that simplify the work.

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Andrew Baisden

Some good extensions on here. I would switch Ad Block for uBlock Origin
though because Ad Block has some privacy issues now.

codeystein profile image

Thanks for the tip!