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Discussion on: Self-publishing a technical book

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Alex Kluew Author

Hey Max,
I kind of just write everything out that is in my head that I want to get out. I don't worry about anything at this stage, just getting the content out of my head. I then proceed to move things around based on themes or topics. This is where having an outline really helps. Prior to writing the book, I wrote out the rough outline that I wanted to cover in the book. The content just kind of flows following the outline.
For styling, I try to keep my sentences simple and that makes editing easier. If I have long sentences, I tend to split them up into simpler ones. Sometimes, I cannot do that but that is ok. From time to time I use the app.
As for spelling and grammar, I rely on the built-in dictionary and spelling features of the editor.
At the end of the day, you, alone, can only do so much and this is where editors/readers provide the best feedback. Just get the text out of the door and in the hands of your customers, and make it easy for yourself to edit the book as feedback comes.
Hope this helps a bit.