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re: Some things to keep in mind. Depending on the SQL logic, this could add additional CPU resource pressure on the database server, a service that i...

I like your point of view, databases are not easily scalable that's where managed services with load balancers come into play I suppose. About the full table scan, this is an example and setting indexes correctly would help tackle the problem. One can always run an EXPLAIN and plan next steps.

About maintenance, I believe none of the code should be in the DB itself it should be in git managed repos. I am also not promoting writing triggers or unnecessary views. 6ms is impressive, at that point there should be a good amount of caching involved. Thanks!


6ms is with zero caching, that's all live database queries and html template processing.

The query in question about the SQL optimizer is the one with the HAVING statement. I'd have to check, but limiting the number of rows in a HAVING statement based on an IF statement in the column selector I believe requires a full table scan. The GROUP BY statements should all be good though, especially considering the advances in optimizing these in the past two years.

Sounds interesting for 6 ms.

For the having query it was just an elaborated example, if it was a real DB query I would have surely run an explain to see if that is the way to go. Thanks!

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