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re: I agree with what you are saying. However, I've run into two issues with this when writing corporate in-house services in the .NET environment. Fi...

I think you have already made it clear with "corporate in-house services" which are surely not microservices. And if you are not working with totally new systems are they even microservices? :)


Part of our goal is to reduce the current technical debt by moving legacy to a new microservice architecture. However, there is considerable legacy code that has to be kept running while this new work is being done. The challenge is to create the new service structure while keeping the old, which is everything from old VB6 desktop apps to tightly coupled WCF services, running. This creates considerable drag on our development process due to the fragility of these old systems and resistance to making changes. I think this is something anyone working in a environment that's been in production a long time is going to encounter.

Yes. Looks like you need find a new and better place to work may be :).

It's a great place to work. They are making a huge investment in upgrading technology. But there's a lot of work to be done and there are some challenges.

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