re: Out of everything you've seen or read, what had the biggest impact on your life as a developer? VIEW POST


For me, it was a life style "concept".

I've been day dreaming about traveling since I was young(er), it wasn't until a couple of years back that I discovered the term "digital nomad", which is people that work remotely permanently, so they get to travel often. From that moment on, I started joining digital nomads groups, learning more about remote only companies, and just trying to connect with other people with the same life style.

This also pushed me to add more front-end tools to my skill-set because I learned that I would have better chances as a front-end or full-stack dev, so I did.

Now I'm trying to get myself "out there", that's why I built my first portfolio and shared my process right here on dev.to I did it with the solely purpose of sharing what I learnt, but I never thought it would open other doors for me.

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