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Discussion on: "GraphQL vs REST" is ill-typed

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Brilliant overview of when you should/shouldn’t use Graph/REST!

I often find the biggest resistance to using a hybrid approach is the cost of having two ways access/use data. How do you address this?

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Kevin Ard

A secret strength of gql is how its resolvers can slide between user and backend - even if backend is traditional rest endpoints. So a field can resolve by a db call, or by a call to your (or someone else's) rest api.

Given that: it's not really a question of cost in maintaining two ways. GQL is basically a noop passthrough. The question is where to spend your time. Migrate legacy rest to gql, or keep maintaining rest as is.

GQL, in this case, is a non-issue.

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Scott Simontis

In my opinion it comes down to requirements and being able to justify the creation of individual endpoints versus exposing a gigantic amalgamation of data versus GraphQL. The complexity of your objects also will weigh heavily on this decision.

I personally find REST a better system for modifying data whereas GraphQL is more convenient for querying data, especially when many variations exist in possible queries.

Hoping to use it in a system at work soon, but deadlines don't give me much time to add new technologies or anything that could add risk 😪