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Discussion on: Is it true that here are no actual full stack developers in 2019.

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Yes and no...

Yes, the stack is too large for one person. There is more technology than anyone could know in enough depth to cover the "full" stack.


I consider myself a full stack developer. I have professionally used a solid range of technologies ranging from a number of different databases, serverless technologies, build a number of api's for a range of content and (my favourite) created complex and responsive front-ends in a range of frameworks.

I will openly say I don't know Vue or Google Cloud. I have no real experience with any Angular post AngularJs or many of Azure's newer features. Then sites like DEV are built on Ruby... But I could learn any of them in a short time span to an acceptable level if needed. The underlying technologies and principals are the same.

So yes, if your definition of full stack is knowing every possible technology, no matter age or market share.. then yeah, there are no full stack developers. However that isn't my definition or the definition of most of the companies out there recruiting full stack.

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Kudakwashe Paradzayi Author

I believe you don't have to know everything to be considered full stack. You define your own stack and fill it.