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Discussion on: How can you identify unhealthy perfectionism in your work?

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The fact my personal site has taken 6 complete reworks, almost 4 years and still has never actually had more than a coming soon message.

Its just never perfect...

For my actual work, I play the game of bouncing it off testers when I feel its about there. This goes on till they accept it. It stops me over thinking and over working on things.

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Cécile Lebleu

About a year ago I started my first version of my website. I used Wordpress so it was up and running in no time, and most of the content was ready. Then a few weeks ago, with new knowledge and tools, I started to remake it from scratch. I had to “start over” from zero 3 times, but now it’s a lot better than it was before and it’s pretty much ready. Not that I won’t keep working on it indefinitely, though.
I like to think, “is this code I have right here better that what’s online? Yes—ship it.” And in my opinion, almost anything is better than a coming soon page! 😉
Good luck on your projects! In case you want to take a look, my site is at Although it’s not perfect, it’s better than it was yesterday!

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It's not bad actually, I like it