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Discussion on: What's hard about React Hooks for you?

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Was release only ~6 months ago? I started playing with hooks before full release though, so feels longer to me I guess...

I feel like the right time should have been when I was announced and was known to be so dramatically different. Have it as a React add-on. I imagine that there would be way less usage of it if that was the case though.

Idk really, maybe the ideal solution would be to go the babel route? @React/core with optional @React/classes and @React/hooks or something.

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Kent C. Dodds Author

I expect that classes will eventually be extracted to a separate package and a codemod will be made available to update code to use that package, similar to what was done with React.createClass. The react team is very interested in making it easier to build UIs with React and they feel that hooks is the way to do this. So putting hooks in a separate package wouldn't have pushed their goals forward very well. I'm happy with the way it's been done so far. It's a change, and that comes with a learning curve, but it's one that I'm glad to have for the benefits that hooks provide.

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Massimo Artizzu

That's an interesting insight, Kent. Thank you!