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Discussion on: As a freelance web developer, how do you cope up with learning so many technologies?

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Not a freelancer but a consultant. We go into companies, learn and understand a tech stack, complete a job over a few months then leave. We have to learn how to learn quickly, and tbh its something that really comes with experience. Its not something I would recommend to someone without a few years experience.

Things that can make life easier:

  • Try different languages and techniques in your spare time
  • Learn about lots of different methodologies etc
  • Find out what the client is using ahead of time and spend a week+ getting used to the technology
  • Test, test, test and test again
  • Surround yourself with a diverse set of people who can assist you
  • Be selective with clients to play to your skills (within reason)
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Dominik Kugelmann

I am a consultant as well.

My recommendation is to be very, very good at the one core technology you love using.

This way you can go out and seek your clients that will pay you more for those results you are bringing to the table. This will then also free you from projects you don't like as much and thus free up time to learn stuff you like to learn.