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Discussion on: What would you like to see implemented on DEV?

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George Author

Personally, I would like to see:

  • A subscribed user feed, to see post from users I follow, separate from the general main feed(s)
  • Refinements on the iOS app, the navigation specifically
  • A differentiation between ❤️ and 🦄, what that is... I have no idea
  • The ability to see other posts code in the editor, A good way to learn how to layout your own posts
  • The ability to easily tag users inline (eg. @ben instead of {%user ben%} which gives a banner)
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Glenn Carremans

I am able to tag people with @
For example in this post of mine:

@ben can you explain how this works exactly

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George Author

Huh, I didn’t see that in the docs when looking for it. Good to know it exists!

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Rick Booth

Unicorns are just super likes, because they're awesome ;)

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Lautaro Lobo

Like a Fav button, but we are missing then, I think, the Unicorned posts list.