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re: Not into dinosaurs? Or is something else up with it? You are the first to openly dislike it but haven't said why. 🦖 I can improve with feedback.

Yeah sorry, I forgot to mention the reason.
I was supposed to add that in as a reply and something else came up.

Bear in mind this is just my personal opinion.

I like the general idea of this and the play on Deno's logo

I feel both logos have this element of unnecessariness to it.

I'm not an artist so I cannot put this into words properly.
It might be because they feel slightly "not minimal"

I roughly edited your first logo and see if you get what I mean
(here I felt like the inner line in the wings were not in par with the general silhouette idea)

What some random person on the internet thinks about the logo doesn't matter. Go ahead and make you thing :)

edit: I did not add the long head in the first commented image

Don't downplay yourself because I actually agree with you, I added the line because I worried the wing might not come across but perhaps it does like this, what does everyone else think?

It's very hard to decide. I get you.
beauty is subjective and people have a different opinions.
Just go with whatever you feel like for now.
improve the logo as the project improves

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