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re: What are you (still) not interested in learning? VIEW POST

  1. React I just don't like it, don't know why exactly but it has something to do with the html in JavaScript I think. It reminds me of inline css.
  2. Python It's one of the few languages I have never written anything in it despite many of my colleagues and friends loving it. It just got to a point that to get to where I am with java and JavaScript in python it would take too much.
  3. Dart Wanted to learn it some time ago but never got the time, now it doesn't seem so attractive anymore.
  4. Writing tests. I know I should but when you deliver new things in a weekly schedule I don't know when to find time to write tests as well. I hope I fix my mentality on this though (or get someone to do it for meπŸ˜›)
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