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Discussion on: 3 Common Misconceptions about JSX

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Aivan Monceller Author • Edited on

They become just another speed bump for people who want to develop but get to start with tooling instead.

I agree with this 100% , I haven't done any professional kind of teaching but I love helping others get into web development. This is really a pain, I miss the days where we can just add a script tag and that's it. I think by default libraries/framework must at least provide this option to reduce the technical barrier of learning introduced by build tools. I am glad that the JavaScript community is seeing this a legit problem to solve. Now we have things like ParcelJS and Snowpack. Still it would be a chore to explain why do we even need these, why do we even need to install NodeJS etc.

However with that said, I've used custom elements with only Vanilla JS and then built the exact same components with LitElement (a small amount of additional code to handle templates, attributes, etc.) and I can say I greatly prefer the latter.

I personally prefer DOM events as compared to React's Synthetic events. I think right now though, Web Components are good enough when you are developing the individual components of the application. But If you need to create an entire application with templating, state management, routing , definitely need some help from our other friends on top of the VanillaJS Web Components.