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I don't typically ask it, but I've sat next to my peers as they've asked candidates. I think there's a responsibility on the interviewers part to approach to wield questions responsibly. If you, as an interviewer, don't care. Don't ask it.

I highly suspect, "Well working here would reduce my commute." wasn't the reason they didn't get the job. Either the rest of the interview was poor, or the interviewer was looking for a reason to say no. I've sat next to a number of peer interviewers who asked questions like this, because it's a standard question to ask and not because they were using it to perceive much of anything.

If they answer poorly, follow up. There's nothing wrong with a candidate being honest. Reducing a commute from 1.5hrs to 30minutes is understandable, relatable, and a potential point for learning more about the candidate and their goals outside of work. But it's the interviewers job to wield the question responsibly.


Totally agree on this. To be honest, conducting interviews are hard and you need to be in the right headspace rather than go through the motions.
A lot of folks especially the senior ones, don't realise that they personify the company's image and that's the first taste of the company's culture the candidate gets to experience and it is extremely important to ensure it isn't a bad one.

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