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A web UI for smart home hubs and devices (WIP)

Yet another programmer =) accidentally creator of HomeGenie (open source smart-home server) and zUIx.js (component-based web development library).
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Comments, stars and contributors are welcome! =)

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sound promising , make sure the UX keep being functional with other CSS styles easily
keep up :)

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{Gene} Author • Edited

I will, I am still looking for a minimalist CSS framework to use all over the app, so at the current stage styles are a bit mixed up.
Any suggestion?

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im' sorry i tend to avoid them and think more to build the minimum according to the nature of the app.
I think you can envision it as the basics : reset , identify what can be made as a theme feature, then extract these features from positioning.
There's work to do ;)

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{Gene} Author

I agree and decided to follow your suggestion. No CSS framework will be used =)
The project is making progress, many of these are about source code optimizations, but it's almost time to focus on the widgets.