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How to Redo or Undo in Adobe Photoshop- A Basic Guide

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Adobe Photoshop is another software that is used by millions of users every day after Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe Photoshop is widely used for photo editing purposes. Adobe Photoshop has provided many editing features like Blur, Color, Paint, Undo, Redo, or many more.
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Adobe Photoshop looks simple, but it is not. You have to play with tons of layers and many tools while editing a photo. People also make some mistakes during editing and these mistakes can be solved by just using some shortcut keys. Adobe Photoshop has Undo or Redo options that photo editors commonly use. But in this article, you will get some insights on how to undo or redo features in Adobe Photoshop.

Steps on How to Undo in Adobe Photoshop
If an amateur guy is using Adobe Photoshop, there will be high chances of making mistakes, and you would like to undo them. So, learn to undo them and get back to work again.

  1. On the Menu Bar, click on the Edit icon.

  2. After clicking on the Edit, you will find the Undo option. Click on the Undo for change and it will reverse your work.

  3. Photo Editors can use Undo anytime to change.

Shortcut Keys
Suppose you do not want to use icons for Undo. You can use CTRL+Z for Undo. This helps photo editors to work efficiently.

Steps on How to Redo in Adobe Photoshop
Like Undo, Adobe Photoshop also has a Redo option too. If you want to Redo, click on the Edit icon in the menu bar and select the Redo option.

Shortcut Keys
There is a shortcut key available for Redo as well. You can type Shift+Ctrl+Z on the keyboard for Redo.

How to Undo/Redo using History Panel.
Like Menu Bar or Shortcut Keys, History Panel also provides Undo or Redo changes in a design. Using a history panel, one can Undo or Redo their design according to their suitability.

Apply Undo using History Panel

  1. Click on the Window icon on the menu bar.

  2. A new box will open and you have to choose History.

  3. After clicking on the History icon, another panel will open, and you have to select any of the options available. Like, if you want to undo any tool, you can select that particular tool from the History panel.

Apply Redo Using History Panel

  1. If you want to Redo, You need to select the change that you want to redo.

  2. If you want to use the Redo Rectangle tool, then click on it from the History icon.

  3. But, sometimes, Redo will not work accordingly. Then, the only solution you are left with is to delete the changes from the History.

  4. To delete any history panel changes, click on the change and move it to the trash icon.

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