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re: Both reasons for which I don't use it on current project. A lot of IO calls where cost is lowered by using async stuff by having app not scale beca...

You might want to check out Crystal or even Elixir.

I've looked at Elixir before. Never had time to really test it out. However, gotta say on big and complex data it looks less optimal than JVM stuff. I know people like to protect elixir/erlang but if you have complex data and you need to do stuff with it JVM still rocks although I would like Elixir for other stuff. I like Scala but Elixir is more pretty. Feel like a teenager don't know what I want too much good stuff

To be fair, Erlang has been running global telecommunications for decades (Ericsson, T-Mobile run their nodes with it, many LTE nodes run on Erlang) and it's the system WhatsApp (which has quite a few users :D) runs on. OTP, the platform Erlang uses, also contains a distributed real time database called Mnesia.

Ericsson uses Erlang to develop many of its products and an estimated 40 percent of all mobile traffic worldwide is carried over the company’s network solutions. This means that a substantial part of all mobile voice and data calls are enabled by Erlang code. The number of Erlang users outside the telecom industry has increased over time and includes companies such as WhatsApp, Bet365, and Klarna.

from Erlang celebrates 20 years as open source

Companies use it for massively scalable systems so I think it's quite battle tested. Not a comparison to the JVM, there are very complex software architectures out there running on the JVM but I wanted to shine a light on Erlang for a moment :-)

That's not the point, it's much better for passing small data in high volumes. Data transformation and calculation is another thing. JVM is not excelent at big numbers but it's a bit better than Erlang so it's in between hardcore language for math and excelent IO like Erlang. That's one of the examples. Also transformating 20MB+ json to yourown stuff can be pain but with JVM stuff i do it quite easily although it's bad to do such thing anyways sometimes you have to do it. That's another example. I would love to use all technologies but that's not always possible

My point wasn't a comparison though, I was just highlighting Erlang.

I agree that we can't always choose the technology we want to use or use them all at the same time :-D

Oh, sry, I take Erlang/Elixir as the same thing I thought you were pointing stuff out to compare them but you just want to mention battle tested part. Yeah I agree it's more than battle tested. Hope I get time to learn it soon

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