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I've tried so, so many apps over the years... I've been using Ulysses for quite a while but found its handling (mangling, rather?) of the Markdown source awkward. Then I switched to iA Writer but found it more complicated to have reference material stored somewhere else.

My latest setup is to keep my reference material together with the Markdown file in a folder in Keep It. This allows me to use my flavour-of-the-month Markdown editor, which currently is Pretext on iOS and VS Code on the Mac. That way, I have more or less the features of Ulysses but in a more unixy setup in the sense that I can choose the best tool for each purpose.

As a bonus, when I move a draft into Git for publishing on one of my static websites, I can keep using the same editors for the final edits.


That’s a good point. I appreciate the coverage of Ulysses and iA writer too, thanks!

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