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Discussion on: Yes! Use microservices and ask 'why are you like this?' afterward 😑

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Adriano Galello Author

Hey, thanks for joining to the converstaion.

Let me reply a couple of points if you don't mind:

upgrading frameworks: Kind of true. You don't need to do it all the time, but sooner or later becomes technical debt and it just pile on top of everything else.

common dependencies: Same as above, it add up at the end.

debugging: I think your point is valid, there's a lot of good tools out there. But I'll argue that the complexity increases and dev cycle is more time expensive when working with a small team handling the whole app (more than three or four microservices). Also the learning curve needs to be taken into account.

The point that I was trying to prove is that, based in my experience, microservices adds complexity and as a team leader/product owner is hard to balance all the aspects of the system if you have a small team.

And just to be clear: I know I could have done things better, at the time I wasn't aware of some problems that I encountered later on, but I learned a lot from mistakes and maybe this could help someone else.