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Gustaf Broman
Gustaf Broman

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How to Add a Newsletter to Your Markdown Blog

Let's say we have a markdown blog that is:

  1. Using GitHub for its content
  2. Hosted on Vercel, Netlify, GitHub Pages, or the like

How do we add a newsletter on top of this whilst keeping all our writing on GitHub? This tutorial shows how.

1. Create an account on GitLetter

Visit and create an account.

Full disclaimer: I'm the sole creator of this tool.

2. Connect your repo

Go to Settings and click Connect to GitHub.

Once back in GitLetter, select the repository and directory where your markdown content is stored (this is where your email issues will be deployed).

3. (Optional) Add a sign up form to your blog

Go to Subscribers and click Manage > Add form to your blog.

Copy-paste this sign up form to an apt place on your blog – like your home page.

Enjoy automatic deploys! 🎉

Now every time you send an issue, your blog will be automatically updated.

Live demo

I recorded a video version of this tutorial:

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