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Mine is opposite:
I am windows user from beginning and tried linux many times (still i propose it in office) but back to windows 10 and i am very happy.

the only complaint about windows (10) is antimalware scanning which slows down system with CPU usage when running composer install, yarn etc.

otherthan that it has perfect setup, especially with laragon i don't need to waste much time and i use babun so i run mostly linux commands only on a windows pc comfortably.

WSL never impressed me and found many issues with it but overall, i would stick with windows only except for antimalware.

biggest issue with linux is permissions when a pc is shared between multiple users (not admins) in regards to /var/www/html folder, again related to composer install, yarn etc.


I think you don't need to use laravel in /var/www/html since this is a shared folder.

You should install and run all of this anyway in docker.

We are using vessel where I just start some docker container.


since i work with beginners, i don't want to overwhelm them with docker (already they need to learn a bunch)

and i use /var/www/html because it is shared folder, multiple users use same pc with their own login but need to access same folders (to avoid cloning projects again and again) and with /var/www/html they don't need another webserver (like php artisan serve) also we work on frontend/html projects too

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