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Discussion on: The book every programmer should read

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Scott Lovenberg

I also recommend, as supplements to Clean Code, The Clean Code Talks given at Google about a decade ago by Misko Hevery (Ref: and the classic Code Complete by Steve McConnell. I should note that I found myself disagreeing with a few items in the Clean Code Talks, but as our boy Freddy Brooks tells us, there's no silver bullet (Ref:, so keep your mind open to the guidelines so you know when to use them as rules or break them completely; every code base has a history and point of view that must be understood before you can even begin to decide when to break the rules or enforce them.

Generally speaking, if you can't articulate a clear and very specific engineering trade off that you're making by not following the guidelines, you're probably best served by sticking to the safety of the best principles practiced in the books and videos mentioned here. That last bit is my own opinion, feel free to disregard if you have a clear and specific reason to. There's an art to everything, including science. ;)

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Јован Хрњак

+1 for Code Complete, that one was a game changer for me.