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A few years back, I would have been that hype-driven developer. I grew-up. Today I stick to technology and practices mostly based on ROI, resource availability and a few other technical constraints I impose on myself. It's pretty easy for side projects. A few years back I found my self struggling with choosing the stack for a pet project than actually doing it.

Today I have a side project that I run, which is significantly large in terms of users and volume. I keep it pretty simple, I chose Laravel / PHP. I make it so that the framework is upto date so I don't mess up with any security patching issues. I just used plain old views. The reason being the product core component is the APIs. The API's get consumed by a few hundred thousand devices. And regardless of how shitty it would feel on the frontend/admin side of things. It's functional. Most of the users are not giving a rats arse if the admin is SPA or not. They just want it to be functional. I have had the urge to go off the hook and invest in the frontend. But the ROI so low, it prevents me from investing in something that is not generating value.

So instead I invest in stuff like automation, test coverage etc to speed up pushing features out and ease refactoring process when I quickly which up features or bug fixes for the users.

I know this might be a challenge when it comes to a company setting. But, this is what works for me.

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