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Why React Native and Electron.js are here to stay.

gautham495 profile image Gautham Vijayan ・3 min read

When I started learning java for android app development last year, it was really hard for me as I had a potato laptop and I had to learn multiple languages to do both web dev and mobile app development.

Learning java for only android development was really good at first, but it really became a pain to learn swift for ios development for my app.

Yeah for a big cash rich company it may seem feasible. But for a single developer, it was an impossible task.

So when I tried to find alternatives to this, I found out React Native and decided to try it out.

As it was just like HTML with CSS which needed a bit of javascript, it clicked instantly as I had been learning web dev before and I decided to stick with it.

React Native required the knowledge of React so I learnt it as well.

After learning react I was able to create (and still is),

  • Frontend for websites
  • Cross Platform mobile apps for both android and ios

with just a single language/library called React.

Apart from the above mentioned factors, I have to say cross-platform app development will be prefered by companies because they are keen on lowering the costs by

  • Reducing the development time of the apps required separately for android/ios or windows/mac/linux.

  • Not having to hire a separate team of developers for both android and ios swift development.

  • No need for separate codebases for multiple platforms.

You guys can argue that platform specific development is better.
I have to agree on that right now, but the open source people are going to make react native and electron more robust and efficient the time I graduate in 2024.

Big Companies like Airbnb, Discord use React Native for their app development.

So its future proof to learn React Native.

So for desktop app development we have electron.

Sure it has a lot of problems, but in future it will be the go to one for cross platform desktop app development.

The ability to use a single language/library to do website and mobile development is really wonderful.

Soon I will be creating a series on react native which I learnt as I said in this post. Stay tuned to it.

If you have to say anything about cross-platform development's future please mention it in the comments.

You can confidently learn React Native and Electron because it is here to stay as said in this post!

Thank you for reading!!

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nikhilmwarrier profile image
Nikhil M Warrier

Full support. I know exactly how it feels to have a potato pc. I started out with one...
Also, React Native apps will feel more native when powered with something like ionic or onsen ui, as these will translate web ui components to their os-specific counterparts...

Keep the good work up, mate!

gautham495 profile image
Gautham Vijayan Author

As Indians we know the struggle to get a higher end pc.

React Native is a god sent library for developers like us!

nikhilmwarrier profile image
Nikhil M Warrier

So trueee.....

maxlynch profile image
Max Lynch

Nice post. One thing to think about is that Capacitor could be a better fit for you or others as a web developer. You can think of it as "Electron for Mobile" but it runs normal web apps on mobile, so you can use traditional browser-based development and any popular web libraries and frameworks (like Tailwind/etc.) It's also popular and growing quickly (by the team that built Ionic Framework):

gautham495 profile image
Gautham Vijayan Author

When I first read the comment, I thought it was a capacitor which is used in electrical boards!! hahah
Will Check it out for sure!

hootdunk profile image

Anyone else find the electron documentation to be pretty bare bones? It's been kind of a struggle for me overall.

gautham495 profile image
Gautham Vijayan Author

The open source guys will be creating that soon.

gautham495 profile image
Gautham Vijayan Author

Yeah it is tricky to integrate them.

I might do one in the near future like I did with electron build/package post.

gautham495 profile image
Gautham Vijayan Author

If the Big Tech companies decide to do it they make it and give it as open source. We have to wait till then.