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Lessons I learned after launching my app to multiple playstores

gautham495 profile image Gautham Vijayan Updated on ・4 min read

So I have successfully published my app to Samsung and Amazon playstores today.

The links are below.


I learned a lot of things from uploading these apps to these playstores and I am going to list all of them here.

  1. Do not delete your production keystore after uploading it to the playstore.
  2. Do not delete your production keystore after uploading it to the playstore.
  3. Do not delete your production keystore after uploading it to the playstore.

Remember the above three points if you are a mobile app developer. Always keep a backup of your keystores in either google drive or dropbox and do not delete them whatsover.

I accidently deleted the production keystores and had to delete my app from Samsung playstore and reupload it. It was really painful to me as it was my first ever app uploaded to a playstore. So Please backup your keystore.

If you want to know about creating keystores for your react native app or your android app see my previous post.

  • Playstores are friendly(according to me). If your app does any illegal activities then you will not be accepted. But if you want to upload simple apps which are well tested, they welcome you with open hands.

  • Apps will typically get screened and reviewed within 1-2 days as they first manually test your app's pictures, description and title and then use Machine Learning techniques to run your app on more than 200+ devices.

Playstores want more developers to develop apps for their platforms so they will be lenient to small developers.(According to me). So confidently develop an app and push to these playstores.

The big reason why microsoft's appstore failed is because developers during 2010's were not interested in making apps for another playstore so they skipped Microsoft and stuck with Google's android and apple's iOS.

Companies are well aware of this and accept android apps and not apps made with their own software like iOS.

  • Get the signed apk with help of this post and distribute within your friends and family. I did this through whatsapp. The signed production ready apk may have some bugs you never imagined off and your friends can help you identify them.

  • Take screenshots of your app which will be displayed when someone views your app in the playstore.

Make your app icon 512x512 in size as every playstore want a 512x512 icon.

You can use this chrome extension to convert an image from one size to another. It saved me ton of time.

Resizer app

My personal tip is to create a circle icon because some playstores use square and some do not. So if just create a circle icon it will suffice for all of them.

  • Create a YouTube video/ A small video which will describe/show how your app functions. Add some Background music to spice it up. I used Davinci resolve and some free stock audio to make the below video. You need not have to be a master editor to create one.

(All the things I have mentioned here are free to use).

Here is the link to my youtube video:

Youtube video

  • The customer support teams at these playstores are top notch. They respond within hours after raising a ticket or contacting them. If your app gets rejected as mine got few times because I did not do this and that, the respective playstore will mail you immediately.

After you fix it, and the testers make sure the changes are made according to their policies and Congratulations your app is live!!
(Happened to me!)

  • Have all your documents ready like, if you are from India have Aadhar card(India's National Identity card) in the form of pdf and png/jpg. Then have your bank statement in the form of pdf and png/jpg.

You will be asked to upload them before accepting you as a developer at the respective organisations.

Creating mobile apps is not going anywhere in this (2021-2030) decade and make sure you hop on to the wagon and make one with the above mentioned tips.

People are sitting in front of their mobile 24x7, so your audience is actually very big.

Google charges $25 so I have put that on hold. I do not own a mac or an iPhone to make an iOS app and they charge $99 for an year.

Rest for all the other companies, its absolutely free to publish your app.

Last but not the least,

  • Do not delete your production keystore after uploading it to the playstore.

Thank you for reading!!

Here are the links to my apps.



Neo Budget Website

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