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Learn how to add new users in WordPress.

gautham495 profile image Gautham Vijayan ・2 min read

In this article lets learn how to add new users to our WordPress blog and also configure our admin nickname.

This is a part of my WordPress blog series where I help you guys start a WordPress blog from scratch.

Get into your WordPress dashboard and hover over the users tab. and click add new user.
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Then write down the details of the new user in the fields given there and select what type of user type you want to assign to the new user and click add user.

Alt Text

And that's how you create a new user.

You have to be very careful while giving users the position of Administrators as they can do all the things you are doing right now by adding and deleting posts and pages in your WordPress blog, adding and deleting plugins etc..

So be cautious before doing this stuff.

Thank you for reading!!

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