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Learn how to add new plugins to your WordPress blog.

gautham495 profile image Gautham Vijayan ・2 min read

Lets learn how to add plugins to our WordPress blog.

After Themes comes plugins which are the heart and soul of any WordPress blog.

To have a form, or for SEO purpose, or for security related stuff, the one stop solution in WordPress is plugins.

To add a new plugin, hover over the plugin text in dashboard and click "Add New" like below,

chrome-capture (8)

Now lets add the classic editor plugin by installing it and activating it.

The folks at WordPress have changed the post editor of WordPress from classic editor to something called Gutenberg which is a block like style of adding content to your webpage.

Essentially you are adding

tags directly in post with Gutenberg blocks.

Lets revert back to the classic editor with the Classic Editor plugin by doing as below,

chrome-capture (9)

And that's how you add a plugin to your WordPress site.

In the next article I will give you a list of all the WordPress plugin I use and would recommend you to use. The Best part is all of them are free.

Thank you for reading!!

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