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Get to know why you should use Firebase as a frontend developer.

gautham495 profile image Gautham Vijayan ・3 min read

In this post I will explain why you should have some knowledge about firebase if you are a react or a frontend developer.

On Dec 10, I made my first react project which is a budget app which can track your daily expenses and will display your data in the form of pie chart and a bar graph to infer your budget a bit faster.

As I am not a backend developer(Though I have some knowledge about backend dev), I implemented my project by treating localStorage as a database and I discussed about it in my previous posts.

Local-Storage in Javascript and React.js
Persisting local Storage data with React Hooks

But LocalStorage was a good option for pet/personal projects but for commercial purposes it was not the perfect option.

So I hoped on to firebase to scrap localStorage out of my project to get

  • Database,
  • Authentication functionalities.

Now all of the above features are now integrated in my project.

So as a frontend developer, I made a small scale full stack app with firebase at such ease.

Firebase offers,

  • FireStore which is a NoSql database like mongoDB
  • Authentication with google oauth, github, twitter oauth and others
  • RealTime database
  • Cloud functions to run Backend API code
  • Free hosting

and a lot more.

chrome-capture (68)

The biggest plus point of all of this is, we need not spend a dime on all of these functionalities when we are starting out in this platform.

If you know some backend development with Node and MonogoDb r with any other language , it will be really easy for you to grasp all of the concepts and include those features in your app in no time.

So if you are a frontend developer and looking to make a FullStack app head on to firebase and create your free account.

Firebase is also a superb way to include Backend Services(Baas) to your Mobile app. So if you are making a react native app, firebase will come to your rescue to cater to all your backend needs.

As I really loved firebase and have become a huge fan of it, I am going to make a series of posts on Firebase which couples with React and React Native development extremely well.

Here is the link to firebase. Go and create your account for free.

Link to firebase : Firebase

Thank you for reading!!

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patrikbird profile image

is this an ad? :p

gautham495 profile image
Gautham Vijayan Author

Nice trolling!!
No way I am affiliayed to firebase.
Thanks for your comment!

patrikbird profile image

will definitely have a look at it :)

Thread Thread
gautham495 profile image
Gautham Vijayan Author

Thank you Patrik

codefinity profile image
Manav Misra

It is a great way to start for 'front-end' devs that want some 'backend' functionality, but haven't gotten to learn that part yet.
When in a pinch for time, I tend to direct my students with something like this - unless there is sufficient time to go through databases, Node and Express, etc.

petitkriket profile image
Samuel Bouaroua • Edited

Thank you for your article but I would like to have facts before opinions, there is no mention of the service pricing.. no mention of request volume limits and impact either and the difference between cloud vs live.. It's not as if it's a silver bullet.

Jamstack, Json file, wordpress or even google docs could act as a 5mn up and run backend..

Consider the fact that some readers will take your article for truth and granted while every projects has different needs.