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Discussion on: What is your approach for blogpost titles?

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It's not as much a formula as guidelines but,

  • Target keyword as close to the front as possible.
  • Exactly what they're going to learn
  • If it'll fit, a counter to a common objection


This one's keyword is "automatic newsletter" which didn't make it very close to the front. The common objection is "But I don't have time."

This one doesn't really have a keyword in it, but the common objection would be "But my product isn't ready."

Sometimes I just do:

  • What the blog is, and
  • Why you should do it


The what is "How to write with SEO in mind" and the why is "get more blog readers."

With this one, the second part could be both a "why" and a response to the objection of "But I don't have time."

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