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How to Build - No Code Dev Portfolio GitHub

Hello amazing Peoples on the internet, After a long time we are going to know how to build no code portfolio with github. I'm working on my youtube channel where you will get content related to the open-source development, freelance work, Technical Writing and opportunities through opensource.

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Introduction ✨

A building developer portfolio from scratch is time consuming but believe me it worth in previous article we talked about git showcase and now we are going to implement same idea.

In this article we are going to build smart developer portfolio less than 5 clicks. Building portfolio is time taking process and if you are looking for simples way to build portfolio with less time you're in right place.

What You Need ✍

This is very important section because here we need

  • Github Account
  • Git Basics
  • Projects Repo's on Github

That's it. Your portfolio is ready. If you don't know what is git & Github here you can check A Complete Guide on Git & Github There are three simple steps you have already have github account

  1. Sign in with Github
  2. Authorize Git Showcase
  3. Portfolio is ready

Its simple to build portfolio with git showcase and host to github pages or netlify you don't need to put extra efforts everything is prebuild.

No Code Portfolio - Github 👩🏻‍💻

Here are the steps you should follow to build no code portfolio with Git showcase -

  1. Visit to GitShowcase
  2. Sign in with Github Account
  3. Authorize Github Account
  4. Done.

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Live Demo

Here is the Live Demo of your portfolio which you build with node code - Git Showcase

Live Demo Link to Git Showcase Portfolio

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That's it and your portfolio is ready to launch also Git showcase provides free domain & hosting as showcase/username you can also use your custom domain.

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