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Discussion on: Why Not Having a CS Degree is Awesome

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Jose Galdamez • Edited on

Having worked on Web apps since the late 90s, started a computer science degree, switching majors to more general computer studies, taken until my 30s to finish school, and still working on Web apps in 2019, I can definitely relate and am glad to see more employers being open to hiring from non-traditional channels.

One of the most talented developers I ever worked with was a history professor who switched careers in his mid-to-late 40s. It just goes to show that developer productivity is more often a mix of grit and passion for the field than academic credentials alone.

I’ve also interviewed at some big tech companies and been bitten by the fact that I am not quite an expert on data structures, algorithms, and brain teaser LeetCode algorithms. It’s like the industry loves reminding me I should have just stuck with computer science and kept studying the freshman-to-sophomore concepts over and over just so I could pass some off-the-cuff whiteboard exams in my late 30s. Because that’s how writing apps is supposed to work? I don’t know.