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Discussion on: The Sad Truth as to Why I Chose to Change Careers to Software Engineering

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Jose Galdamez

I, too, first interacted with computers when mice weren't required and have been working in software learning on the job since 2000. The good news for being a Web software developer today is that so many technologies have evolved for the better (e.g., no more browser wars). There is also a plethora of learning materials, most of them free. The React community is endless and will open up so many doors.

I look forward to hearing more about your journey. Best of luck! #latinosintech

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KollerCode Author

Thank you for the response! It's crazy to think how far computers has come, isn't it?
I am actually in a bootcamp and will learn React, SQL, Ruby on Rails etc. React is the next phase but we just finished up JavaScript. I believe my github is connected to here so my project should be visible to everyone. I'm always open to critique. I am also glad to see a fellow latino succeed, it definitely gives me hope! #nohaylimites