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I'm using a GNU/Linux on a HP Pavilion "gaming" laptop for my job for the last 3+ years. In general, I'm a GNU/Linux user for about 15 years. Luckily I need exactly 0 Windows programs for work.

Funny enough on my current job I'm working on a desktop .NET product that is used almost exclusively on Windows and all my coworkers use Windows, but thanks to .NET Core and Rider I'm perfectly fine. :)

Frankly speaking we specifically maintain GNU/Linux compatibility for the core of our product that supports running on a server. And I never touch GUI part.

As for the GNU/Linux distribution I'm using Linux Mint and perfectly happy with it. :) Everything I have works out-of-the-box with almost zero configuration from my side.

Just a random data point, I'm not arguing for anything. :)

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