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I am working for a bit over 10 years as a software developer and had some bad periods as well. Mostly attached to toxic work environmnents and my personal impostor syndrome. What I know 100% all the time is that I have a 100% track of successfully going through moments like these and be ok. I decided (after a long time) that I could actually learn from them: spot bad situations, how to approach something technical I don't understand, how to feel ok to not code in my spare time and how important sleep and mental health is.

I am passionate about coding in general, and it's more than normal not to be passionate all the time, especially for something that you don't have a stake in. It's a job. Taking care of myself helps me cope with bad and good moments.


Thank you for sharing this, you've been coding for 10 years (um...awesome) and that impostor syndrome is still there? I thought it was just me after 3 years. This makes me feel less isolated.


It depends on each person, but I know it's a common thing in our domain. Speaking about it makes it less taboo. :)


Thank you for sharing, I like you approach when it comes to this kind of problems :). I suppose after I'll gain more experience I will be able to do all the things you're already doing and be more relaxed when not so good periods come.


Take everything with 'a grain of salt'. We all have bad moments that fall under the "exception" list. Just be kind to yourself and allow yourself to feel what you feel and move forward as you see best. Hugs.

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