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Useful Cheat Sheets For Web Developers And Designers

ga profile image Ega Prasetya ・1 min read

Shortcuts Design

is a small website that lists every shortcut a designer ever wants to know, all designapps in one place and in a simple and clear way.

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Ultimate Flexbox Cheat Sheet

Flexbox is a brand, spankin'new CSS Layout module with suprisingly good browser support.

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Web Developers SEO Cheat Sheet

this free and downloadable document covers all of the important SEO Code and best practices that are needed by online marketers and developers.

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CSS Grid Cheat Sheet

Another helpful tool for using CSS Grid properties.

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ReactJS Cheat Sheet

a very useful filterable cheat sheet for react made by michael chan.

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Type Terms

is the perfect tool for designers to learn the basics of typographic terminology.

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