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Introducing A Free and Comprehensive Encrypt and Decrypt Open Source Tools - EncryptLab - EN

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Hello, developer!

You can contribute and use EncryptLab via the link here on Github


Before discussing the reasons why I created this open source, I will first explaining what open source and cryptography are, which is very important to understand how important open source and cryptography are and why I created EncryptLab.

Open Source

Open source is open source software, where the meaning of open is that the code in it can be seen, modified, distributed by other developers, all open source is not necessarily free, because back to the use of licenses, to find out what features are in several licenses, you can check directly on this website

After explaining about open source, I will explaining about cryptography, where cryptography is the reason I created an open source tool called EncryptLab, where EncryptLab provides encryption and decryption open source tools and also provides source code that can be implemented by other developers.


Cryptography is the process of converting plain text that can be understood to be incomprehensible and complicated, in the world of cryptography there is such a thing called encryption and description, where encryption is the process of securing information into a cypher text that cannot be read without special method, this special method is decryption, where the decryption returns the cypher text from the encryption process into plain text that can be understood.

The Reason I Made EncryptLab

Starting from my worries that it is very difficult to find how to implement and know how encryption and decryption work in nodejs, I finally created an open source which helps people who are looking for it.


EncryptLab is a free and open source licensed also comprehensive encryption and description tools with sample source code using nodejs.

Available Encryption On EncryptLab

There are 5 encryption currently available on EncryptLab, namely:

  • Triple DES
  • RSA
  • Blowfish
  • Twofish
  • AES

How to use EncryptLab?

I provide two options for using EncryptLab, through the API and the EncryptLab website, besides that I also provide sample source code on EncryptLab Github and the website.


That is the introduction to EncryptLab that I can say, I hope the world of open source at Indonesia will always develop and create millennial generations who have an interest in helping others, because the nature of altruism must be instilled from an early age.

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