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Discussion on: Should I go with Python, Java or Ruby in 2018?

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Oh, also, there's a community edition of Intellij IDE so you don't have to sacrifice on ease (Open Source projects can use their commercial products for free if they qualify). The community editions (I would recommend Pycharm if you go with Python for sure, and a paid license is /very very/ affordable, though not necessary) are not as souped up as their commercial offerings, but are still fully featured IDEs (typically the paying editions have first level support for an expanded offering of frameworks, etc). I believe RubyMine (which I don't have personal experience with but shares some core features with the rest of the IDEs) doesn't have a community edition? But don't quote me on that.

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Chris Raven Author

Woah! That's one hell of a reply. Thank you so much :) I've been doing some work this semester at Uni in C++ and it's not that good imho, but Kotlin was something I was looking into :)

I"ll take all this into mind, thank you! :D