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My Text-based Commandline Minecraft RPG (written in Python)

I've been working on a text-based Minecraft RPG written in Python
It is currently a work in progress
The Github Repo is at

About this project

You can explore, craft items, you can also find mobs. You can mine to get the materials to craft better items


When exploring, there is a 60% chance you will find grass, dirt, or wood. Wood is the only one of these that has a use at the moment, but I will add a use for them later on
There is also a chance that you will encounter a mob while exploring.

Different types of mobs

Passive mobs: will not attack you, will flee whenever you attack
Neutral mobs: will only attack if you attack them
Hostile mobs: 50% chance to immediately attack when encountered

Day/Night Cycle

There is a day/night cycle in this game like in the actual Minecraft game. During the day, mobs will be mostly passive/neutral. The chance of finding a mob at night is greatly increased at night. Most night mobs are hostile.


You can craft items if you have the proper materials. Only the items which you have the components to craft will be shown. Just type in the name of the item to craft and it will be crafted, using the materials required.


You can only mine if you have a pickaxe and it is the current took you are holding. There is also a chance you will encounter a mob while mining.


If you have a furnace in your inventory, you can smelt items, much like you can in Minecraft. Just select the item and a fuel source and wait.


This game is still a work in progress. I would like to hear your feedback and suggestions!

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