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Discussion on: Why do we write JavaScript like this?

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Functional Javascript

That's a good question, here's my answer to it:

I don't understand why people still use the "function" keyword, unless you are accessing the "this" keyword, which should be never, except for legacy JavaScript.

Plus I would pick one consistent strategy and go with it, instead of intermingle, "sometimes arrow and sometimes function".

I also don't use single quotes. Everything double quotes.
Then there's none of this, "sometimes this, sometimes that" sprinkled all over the place.

I'm a minimalist, and only use a subset of the language.
Here is a list of what I don't use in JavaScript:

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Anders Author

Thanks for that response.

I agree, consistency is key. Which is why on my projects there are always a set of coding guidelines that are enforced in terms of naming, spacing, comments, all that.

I do use the "this" keyword relatively frequently however myself, specifically from within member functions of an object, to access member data or other member functions.

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Functional Javascript

That's because of your Object-oriented approach to programming.

I use a functional approach, so everything in that list I linked to in my last post are unnecessary.

Without those constructs, there is almost nothing left but funcs themselves, specifically, arrow funcs.

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