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Discussion on: When DRY Doesn't Work, Go WET

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Functional Javascript • Edited

Nice write-up Nick.

Some more tips:

  • WEF (write everything four times) is fine advice
  • Don't rush to refactor (it's a good architectural stategy to defer as late as possible)
  • Unrefactoring is as important as refactoring
  • Keep your functions orthogonal, like a pipeline
  • Keep your functions monomorphic (take only one type, and return only one type)
  • The ideal function is a one-liner that takes one strongly-typed arg and returns one strongly-typed value
  • Keep your code as flat as possible but no flatter
  • Remove cyclomatic complexity (branching count)
  • Use "if statements" for simple validation and state checks, not for comprehensive use-case branching


cyclomatic complexity:

a measure for the complexity of code
related to the number of ways there are to traverse a piece of code
this determines the minimum number of inputs you need to test all ways to execute the program

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