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Discussion on: JavaScript techniques you wish you knew involving objects

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Functional Javascript • Edited

Great comprehensive writeup Jack.

A good trick for accessing data in deeply nested structures is using the power of JavaScript's lambdas.

You can think of passing functions around as passing scope around.

return the value at the end of the obj or arr chain
- if any of the vals or arr accessors along the chain don't exist
- then return null

@param {() => *} fn - the lambda wrapping the nested call, via dot notation
@return {*|null} - the val in the key-val pair at the end of the dot notation chain
export const getVal = fn => {
  try {
    return fn();
  } catch {
    return null;

const obj = { manuf: "Acme" };
const val = getVal(() => obj.k1.k2.k3.arrOfObjs[0].k5.k6.trim().toLowerCase().length);
this example returns null since this path doesn't exist in the obj
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