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Discussion on: What´s wrong with Array.reduce ?

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Functional Javascript

Good work Davide.

Let me mention that to keep the use of reduce on it's semantic intention, pass in a list of elements of type T then return a single value that is of type T.

I prefer a loop over a reduce simply for performance reasons.

In my performance tests, a loop will run about 10% faster on small arrays, but precipitously faster as array size increases; In the thousands or millions, a loop will process 5 to 15 TIMES faster than reduce.


I've written an article on a criteria set one should consider when deciding over a choice of implementations to use.
tltr: should always choose the fastest implementation when robustness and security are equal....

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Davide de Paolis Author

point A is very interesting. i like it. and it makes perfectly sense. and reduces the use cases for reduce :-)

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